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What happens when people change the way they think about habits?

Learn how you can STOP SMOKING for good!

When you have changed the way you think about habits... you start doing something better.

Believe it or not, you can stop smoking the same way you started… by instantly creating a new habit. Save thousands of dollars and live a longer, healthier life! Find out how hypnosis works so quickly and effectively…

Learn how this custom-made process helps you step into a new way of life. Start by making your own FREE 1-on-1 Action Plan wtith a little help from me.

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Quit smoking and stay that way.

stop smoking with hypnosis

How are you going to stop smoking for good? The truth is, what got you started can help you do something better!

Even a single session is more than enough to make a real, lasting change. You’re not just going to look back at how easy it was to quit smoking… you’re going to start doing something better!

I keep going until you STOP SMOKING for good!

A single session is all it takes for most clients, but some people think they might need that little extra push.

I don’t quit until you do.

Once we have made that change and youcommitted to being a nonsmoker for good, you can always schedule another appointment for FREE to address even a hint of nicotine craving. Because just like your new, better habit, I’m here to stay.

It really can be that easy to quit. This is why hypnosis has been such a powerful technique for change for the people I work with.

How does it work?

Having made the call we put togther an action plan. What happens you're ready for your first session? I explain step by step so we know what we are doing before we have even started.

    Step 1

    Part of you has been ready to make this change for some time. Step one begins with you! Realize just how the work started before you even spoke with me. This way it won't be such a surprise when you realize how fast you are done with cigarettes for good!

    Step 2

    When we've met, we will review any reasons you had to do anything but quit. You find out how to use what got you started to become a lifelong nonsmoker.

    Your habit is already be on it's way to being gone and done long before any hypnosis has taken place. You stop smoking when you realize that what you needed was already here. 

    Step 3

    At this point we take everything we understood about what you did before. Then we turn it in a completely new direction.

    It will be surprisingly simple. I am your guide but really, you'll already have done most of the work without me. Hypnosis and related techniques are a way of guiding you to your own natural inner resources.

    All you have to do is get comfortable and listen to a story about how and why you now have everything you need to make this change in yourself.

    Step 4

    There was a time you didn't used to smoke. And NOW it will be that way again. It's finished, and with it, any nicotine related urges will be a thing of the past. 

    All you have to do is start experiencing this new way of being!

    That's it!

    Let me know how it's going! Most of my clients have come to me because of testimonials and referrals. Once you are also a nonsmoker, I ask for feedback to further what made it so easy for you to quit smoking forever.