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Who are you?

What controls your thoughts and feelings?

Interpersonal Hypnotherapy teaches that our day to day behaviors are deeply rooted in the events and relationships that shape our lives. I believe that all matters are matters of the heart, governed by the spirit of good intentions.

We often mistake self control for self esteem. The difference is that with authentic self esteem, you don't need to hold back any of your feelings. There is a way to keep your heart open without being hurt. When you find peace within yourself feelings are not something you will need to control.

When we connect to ourselves we can more easily connect with others. Learn to give without losing the best parts of yourself. Book a session or start free here.

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Understanding Hypnosis

What is The Dayvin Center?

The center of The Dayvin Center is the center of a holistic helath community. We connect holistic health professionals with their clients in new and innovative ways.

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Find Answers to Big Questions

We can know joy and bliss every day of our lives. It's not as difficult as you might think. The key is finding out what you're here to do and how you can start doing it.

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The results of my work may vary from person to person. The techniques I use are based on current protocols and information in my field, utilizing appropriate hypnotic techniques based on your own unique circumstances. Diagnosing and treating disease is NOT part of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Only qualified health care providers may prescribe my services as part of their diagnosis and treatment of a disease. What I do for my clients and interested parties is to provide assistance by way of learning, and motivation designed to help you to realize your own potentialand guide you to a more thorough understanding of your own inner resources.