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Change What You Think is Possible With Hypnosis

How do people access parts of themselves they could not consciously reach? Discover how our inner resources align to start working on your goals today.

D Ray Josiah is a nurse and holistic professional with over 25 years of experience in hypnosis.

Learn how this custom-made process helps anyone who, like you, is interested in making a positive change. Start by setting up your own FREE 1-on-1 Advancement Session where we can establish the plan that best fits you.

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Welcome to a new way of being

Change for the better

How do we choose between bad habits and what's good for us?

Can we really just tell ourselves to feel better? Do our thoughts affect us at a physical level?

Through hypnosis, you can access parts of yourself you are unable to consciously reach. Discover your own inner resources. Align all of yourself with your best interests.

  • A holistic approach backed by scientific research

  • Methods combine simple, practical exercises with incredibly powerful hypnotic techniques and multimedia to help keep you focused

Easy to Do

This is a fast, painless method that uses your own inner resources to show you a new way of being.

Comfortable and Discreet

Sessions can be done in person or remotely. Discreet, comfortable office setting. High quality online multimedia experience.


I know I can help you because I have experienced this for myself. I am dedicated with all of my heart.

Be your best in every moment.

I use hypnosis and practical life management techniques to get my clients in touch with their authentic selves. My unique process empowers you to make positive, lasting changes to your life.

  • Transform Yourself

  • Powerful Techniques

  • Money Back Guarantee*

  • I'm serious, my issue was happening two to three times a week before our session... now I can stop it before it even happens.

    Eugene, Ft Myers, Florida

    It was awesome! I am picky and D Ray totally blew me off the planet. I feel like I did a quantum leap in my life!

    Vickie Luna

    Energy Healer, Intuitive, Medium


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    I really just got tired of the habit.... I came here to do a session with D Ray Josiah Smith. Essentially, my desire to chew my nails went away.

    Chris, Southwest Florida

    (Audio testimonial: Pain Management & Hypnotic First Aid, Hospital Setting)

    Glen, Leesburg, Florida

    *If you are not completely satisfied with the quality and professionalism of my work by the end of our introductory session I will refund what you paid for that session.

    Less Stress

    Break Habits

    Rebuild Focus

    Get Relief

    Find a way out of that old pattern of thinking and feeling.

    Improve Your Health

    Methods like meditation, mindfulness, and stress reduction have proven health benefits.

    Get Instant Results

    Once you understand it, you can return to this state instantly.

    Discover The Fastest Way to Reclaim Your Focus

    Discover the solution to stress and overwhelm with this FREE, simple method. This is hands down the quickest way to set aside unwanted thoughts and feelings. It is as fast as it is easy.

    Don't wait to find relaxation, calm, and peace in the moment..


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    14150 Metropolis Ave #2
    Fort Myers, FL 33912


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    The results of my work may vary from person to person. The techniques I use are based on current protocols and information in my field, utilizing appropriate hypnotic techniques based on your own unique circumstances. Diagnosing and treating disease is NOT part of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Only qualified health care providers may prescribe my services as part of their diagnosis and treatment of a disease. What I do for my clients and interested parties is to provide assistance by way of learning, and motivation designed to help you to realize your own potentialand guide you to a more thorough understanding of your own inner resources.