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The Dayvin Center

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, The Dayvin Center serves people interested in holistic health and professionals in their respective fields. We believe holistic health and alternative medicine can be understood through experience as well as scientific research.

Holistic Health Clients

Your Own Path

Holistic health is a whole body, whole mind approach that focuses on client choice instead of a one-size-fits-all approach .

So Many Benefits

It's harder to get sick when you are healthier in the first place. Holistic health focuses on not just on feeling better, but staying that way.

A Safer Approach

In principle, health should be treated in the least invasive way available. Yet providers often suggest drugs and invasive surgeries. Holistic health focuses on your overall well being.

Get Moving Again

We believe that a healthy body stays in motion. Let us help you get moving and stay moving. No matter your health journey, there's someone who will get you further down your path.

Reduced Stress & Tension

The last few years have really taken a toll on our collective stress levels. Holistic health is well known for its focus on self exploration, relaxation, and lowering levels of stress.

We Work With What You've Got

Regardless of what your story is or what you are dealing with, there is a professional out there who can help you. Many professionals also work with health care providers by prescription.

Holistic Health Professionals

The Dayvin Center isn't just for holistic health clients.

We help professionals in holistic health connect with clients in new and innovative ways.


We don't just give you space to work. We have multiple pathways to connect you to your clients.


Show the world what you do in simple, clear terms. Stand out.

Website & Social Media

Join us on our website or spin off one your own! Improve your social media presence with professional photographs, audio, and videos.

Booking & E-Commerce

Expand your business! Get more clients, attract advertisers, and sell your digital products online.

Offices at The Dayvin Center

14150 Metropolis Ave #2
Fort Myers, FL 33912


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The results of my work may vary from person to person. The techniques I use are based on current protocols and information in my field, utilizing appropriate hypnotic techniques based on your own unique circumstances. Diagnosing and treating disease is NOT part of hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Only qualified health care providers may prescribe my services as part of their diagnosis and treatment of a disease. What I do for my clients and interested parties is to provide assistance by way of learning, and motivation designed to help you to realize your own potentialand guide you to a more thorough understanding of your own inner resources.