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Now that you have A Little Moment of your own...


You have everything you need to:

  • Create a mental "reset" button

  • Concentrate in any environment

  • Discover that every moment is an opportunity for peace, calm, and relaxation.

  • It’s time to release that stress and restore your inner focus. Become like the clear, calm eye of the hurricane no matter what is happening around you.

    I'm Don Ray, a nurse and a professional hypnotist. I'm on a mission to share simple, effective methods so you can INSTANTLY regain your calm, peace, and inner quiet.

    Keep reading and find out how you can do this for yourself.

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    How A Little Moment Works

    Experience It...

    Do it! Go ahead, try it right now.

    Take a deep breath and as you let it out, be silent for a moment. At first, it's not about how long or how well you can focus. It's more about how you capture these little gaps in time. Notice that even if it's just a fraction of a second, you can begin to set aside all thoughts as one.

    Use It...

    Read the FREE guide.

    Discover inner peace and silence in every moment.

    With each attempt you will find it easier to hold on to A Little Moment and do it more often. Use the audio for a deeper, more profound experience so you can create more opportunities to do so.

    Make It a Daily Practice!

    Do this every day until it happens automatically.

    When you understand what a Little Moment feels like and how quickly it works keep at it! When distractions or unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors come up.... take A Little Moment to clear your mind and be at peace.

    Step 1:

    A Little Moment of Your Own

    How would you like to take control of every moment of your life? This is all about how you can let go of all that small stuff so you can have A Little Moment of calm, peaceful relaxation. As you expand this practice you will realize that you've always had the ability to do this.

    At first, it may not even seem like anything has changed. Which is true, because your thoughts and your feelings are not actually supposed to change yet. You're not trying to change, either. Instead, start to realize that as you do this, you are leaving those thoughts and feelings behind for something deeper within you.

    There is a part of you that is always watching. It never changes, no matter how chaotic life gets around you. While yes, it's true that as you practice this, your thoughts and emotions will settle down, the real key is to unlock the part of yourself that stays the same no matter what is going on around you.

    Instead of trying to suppress your thoughts or interact with them, you just let them be. This is how you can be in the moment. Even if it's only a fraction of a second, you do NOTHING.

    Step 2:

    Experience A Little Moment

    This is how it works:

  • It's not how long you do it... it's how often!

  • Repeat at every opportunity.

  • Go deeper each time you use it.

  • Step 3:

    A Little Moment of Your Own

    Download These FREE Resources

    Use the buttons below to download your FREE guide and audio files so you can experience your own little moment.

      Document: A Little Moment

      Click the button to get a written guide with simple exercises.

      Audio: The Moment

      Use this 12 minute audio to experience a few of these little moments for yourself. Start to expand this practice so you can flow into this state automatically.

      Bonus Audio: Go Deeper

      Explore a state of calm, quiet relaxation so that can you clear the way for more and more moments like this. Only use this if you are ready do to REALLY go deep into this practice.

    Now Watch This:

    All you have to do is KEEP GOING! Use the materials and videos to practice this every chance you get until it becomes second nature. When something else comes up, use A Little Moment to interrupt that process so you can experience peace, calm, and relaxation instead.

    Come back here as often as you need to in order to make this a lifelong practice. And if you're ready to do even more, keep reading!

    Want even MORE?

    Seriously, is that it?!


    ...and no! Because you have only just begun to use this one, simple technique. And while this is an effective method for change over time, it's really just the first part of a complete system I've created to help people transform those unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you are ready to truly release.

    Stop dealing with the effects of those unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

    Instead, go right to the source...

    so those issues never come up in the first place!

    You can change this for good.

    Watch this video now: